///ICB Short course: New Custom Pro Orthotics

ICB Short course: New Custom Pro Orthotics

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ICB Short course: New Custom Pro Orthotics

There are 3 steps to the CustomPro product that the practioner needs to perform:

  1. Conducting the ICB assessment (as per Level 1 or relevant foot orthotics courses)
  2. Filling out the ICB laboratory Prescription form
  3. Obtaining a scale image of the patient’s insole or foot if fitting to the shoe is selected as a modification


The aim of this short course is to outline each of these 3 steps in sufficient detail to allow the practitioner to start prescribing the ICB CustomPro orthotic. The first part of the course will provide a review of the ICB assessment system with a particular focus on how it relates to the prescription process.

The second part of the course will outline the prescription process, including how to fill out the prescription form, and what specific additions or modification can be used for the various pathologies of the foot and ankle.

The final part of the course will focus on the various methods used to capture the scale image of the foot or patient’s insole. This final part of the course will also include a discussion regarding the assessment of appropriate foot wear, and some tips on how to ensure the orthotic will fit into the patient’s shoe.


Insole Suggested Retail Price: 2500-3500

Introduction to ICB CustomPro Laboratory Orthotics

Fee: Free but pre-booking is needed

On Spot offer: Special price of $1000 including all additions & modification, pre-payment is necessary for this special on spot offer

Speaker: Joshua Kielt

Time: Dec: Class A: 15/12 (7pm-11pm)         Class B: 16/12 (7pm-11pm)

Feb: Class C: 16/2 (10am-2pm)          Class D: 16/2 (3pm-7pm)        Class E: 17/2 (7pm-11pm)

May: Class F: 3/5 (10am-2pm)

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